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Gurukool is now open for new registration

Please apply early since the seats are limited. 

For further information, please contact Gurukool by clicking here.


Provide a cool, safe, nurturing, homey, academically and culturally enriched environment for an all-rounded development of young children focused on kindergarten preparedness.



While teaching at reputed private schools and working with parents, the owner of Gurukool, Madhavi Prabha, realized that parents do not have enough time or resources to enrich the kids culturally while managing work-life balance. This inspired her to create Gurukool as an after-school program in 2018. 

After the COVID pandemic, the school has transitioned to a full-day child care and pre-schook/pre-K program that uses Madhavi's strong academic as well as cultural background.



DayCare and Preschool (ages 16 months-5 years)

Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


Gurukool offers affordable, high-quality, and fun-filled daily care and education for kids.

  • Small class size

  • Snacks and home-cooked meals 

  • Highly experienced and qualified teacher

  • Structured program in a safe, nurturing, caring, homey, and stimulating environment

  • Well rounded development - academic, physical, social, and cultural

  • Cognitive development through stimulating interactions

  • Development of gross motor skills through usage of appropriate toys and fun-filled activities like singing and dancing.  

  • Development of fine motor skills through writing, coloring, painting, art, and craft 

  • Introduction to basic elements of scientific reasoning and hands-on science experiments

  • Readiness for Kindergarten through phonics, math, science, reading, and writing


Owner and Director

Gurukool is run by Madhavi Prabha, who taught preschool and elementary grade kids at reputed private schools for more than 10 years.

She uses her strong scientific background along with her skills as an author of children's books, a dancer, a singer, and an artist to provide well-rounded development of kids.

She is widely admired for her ability to make difficult things easy for kids and adults alike. Her passion for teaching and her unique ability to bond emotionally with each and every kid has helped her win the hearts of all her students and their parents.

You can find books authored by Madhavi on Amazon.



“I cannot recommend GuruKool enough. Ms. Madhavi and her family do their utmost best to give their kids a safe, clean and loving environment; Home-made food, engaging indoor and outdoor activities, fun art projects, celebrating special days, and teaching them the basic academics prepping for kindergarten. My 2.5 year old girl absolutely loves it here. I couldn't have asked for a better place to take care of my little one!”

Hima A.

"We will run out of words writing about "How much we love Gurukool". It has been such a blessing to find this second home and family for our almost 3 year old boy. Ms.Madhavi and Mr.Varma go above and beyond to ensure our kids are in a nurturing, loving and safe environment. Every time we think - how amazing this activity / craft is - there will be a next one that is even better. It has been an enriching experience for our son and he totally loves it at Gurukool. Everything is taken care of with healthy home made food to numerous activities to amazingly creative artwork. Ms.Madhavi and her family go an extra mile including all the parents for celebrations which helps build great connections. We are so grateful and happy that Gurukool is part of our boy's journey..."

Megha K.

"We are very lucky to have found Gurukool when we most needed a loving and caring daycare with small class size and home cooked hot meals for our 2 years old. Our daughter loves Miss Madhavi and enjoys learning and playing with her Gurukool friends. We see her excited to go to daycare every morning. She has learned so much in the 5 months that she has been enrolled in Gurukool. We see lots of improvement in her speech  from less than 10 words when she first enrolled to speaking sentences and singing songs In multiple languages.  Highly recommend Gurukool."

Manjarita L.

"We are thrilled to have found Gurukool when we first moved to the neighborhood. My son (2 years) has been going to Gurukool since November 2021. Our top key criteria were a small group of friends for my 2-year-old and home-cooked meals. Gurukool checks both these boxes and many more. Both Madhavi and Pranay provide a warm and loving environment that helps my kid feel just at home. I highly recommend Gurukool to anyone looking for home-based daycare for their little ones."

Shruti S. 

"My son was one of the first students with Ms. Madhavi …what a great decision for our family. She has the perfect balance between a home school (small group is important, especially during Covid, home cooked meals, personal attention) but she also has teaching experience from her past employment so she’s able to give age appropriate education. Definitely recommend!"


Vaneeta S. 


"My daughter has been going to Gurukool for a while and I have nothing but amazing things to say! She’s super happy everyday when I pick her up and I am very impressed with all the art work she’s bringing home, the dance moves she’s learning ,  celebrating all cultural festivals along with the meaning of why we celebrate them, the nurturing environment and amazing Ms. Madhavi! She’s not starving anymore and is very well taken care of. Nothing more to ask for, my mind is at ease and I feel super lucky to have found Gurukool. Ms. Madhavi is God send!"

Aparna B.

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