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Enriching Lives with Culture


GuruKool proudly announces a cool, safe, nurturing, homely, and culturally enriched environment for an all-rounded development of young children. At Gurukool, kids will be exposed to Indian culture through Hindi, art, stories, dancing, and singing for an all-rounded development. 

Why GuruKool?

  1. Parents can focus on their work while kids enrich themselves culturally

  2. Affordable – No need to pay extra for each activity separately in addition to CDC fee

  3. No running around, after work or on the weekend, for cultural activities

  4. Safe and nurturing environment 


After school, kids will be picked up by Gurukool staff and brought to Gurukool.

The day’s activities will include:

  • Healthy snacks

  • Homework

  • Fun time

  • Conversational Hindi

  • Cultural activities

    • Art/Craft

    • Bollywood Dancing

    • Singing/Poem recital

    • Stories based on Indian history, mythology, and culture

  • Pickup at 6 PM


Twice a year, you, friends, and family will have an opportunity to experience and enjoy a performance by Gurukool kids to show-case their cultural growth.

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